MedoNext Clinic Management

MedoNext Clinic is fast and time saving app to digitalize prescription and maintain history of patients.

MedoNext Clinic is the modern clinic management software that works seamlessly with you and your patients. It has mobile friendly user interface that allows patients to correspond with you and your office with single click, be it for appointments or for follow up. Your patients will love the ease of use and feature rich interface

Key Features

E-Consultation Module

The E-Consultation module is part of MedoNext Clinic. Now you can examine your patient’s from your home. Patients can also use the App from their mobile phones. Patients can pay your fees via paytm or any other app through UPI payment .Patients can upload prescription and explain their chief complaint easily through this software. This will not ask for the payment during your follow up discussion.

Key Features

  • Easy to use Mobile App for E- Consultation
  • Patient can upload his/her all documents online
  • Easy to upload prescription
  • Online Payment
  • Follow Up Management

Guaranteed Support

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Long-Term Relationships

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